Bedlam Fair

Bedlam’s back in town

Cocolocoweb 3

Back in the city centre rather than tucked away down by the river (clue: it’s called street arts, not riverbank arts), Bedlam Fair will be unleashing new shows from established artists and a virtual busload of emerging performers into the city centre on Saturday 4th June, and them moving down to Green Park Station in the later afternoon / early evening. On Sunday 5th we’re back in our favourite part of town,  SawClose and Kingsmead Square, with quite a bit more of all of that, including the pieces that will take a bit more attention and concentration. We can’t tell you everybody who is on yet because we have a call out and selection process which is still in hand, so you’ll have to look out for a Bedlam leaflet or for updates on the web around the beginning of the festival fortnight. We’ll be announcing names when we get them, so if you’re on our social media feeds you’ll find out nearly as quickly as we will ourselves. And we can drop hints that we’re talking to several renowned past Bedlamites about their return, including the near-legendary Desperate Men with their harrowingly humourous tale of Destruction and Dada, Slapstick and Slaughter.
Ramshacklicious Mr. & Mr. Burn smaller
We can tell you that Arts Council support for our New Work Works project will have been enabling some of the emerging performers to do some extra polish and conceptual overhaul on their newest work, so it will be even better than it was going to be before they decided to come – a win for everyone – and that there will be a brand new show from Ramshacklicious as well as a first visit to Bath for many years from Mr Trevor Stuart, with the rather dark comedy of Cocoloco. But plenty more too. This website will be updated with loads more detail, and there is a Bedlam/Sreatrs site which will be updated too.

‘Steam’ ahead!

Urban Playground Team
Urban P:layground Team – faster than a speeding locomotive!

Steaming into Green Park Station, the world’s first Performance Parkour company Urban Playground Team will be showing off their skills (they include Malik Diouf, one of the co-creators of Parkour itself) and their newest piece, a show that is unlikely to be quite like anything you’ll have seen before. Acrobatics, athletics even, street dance, lining up to tell a story, history, a little tragedy, a little romance; all rather good-looking too.
If that sounds like you, come along to the first show (Saturday 28th May) and the crew will be helping you have a go yourself after the show(s), and for the keen and the adept, there will be in-depth workshops later that same (half-term) week. If you’re interested to know more about the opportunities, mail, or even just come to the Saturday show, it’s probably not too late. Probably. Grab the opportunity, we say! We’d like to be able to deal with a range of ages and experience – try us!

The workshop could even lead through to the opportunity to take part in a further performance on Wednesday 1st June, because Urban Playground Team are at the heart of this year’s Outside! NOW!! participatory project, bringing professional performers, specialist students, amateurs and youth groups together to make a show, alongside Bath’s incomparable Natural Theatre Company. The Wednesday show will have all the thrills and skills of Saturday, and even more going on, just you see!

And steaming out again, the inspiration and some of the support for this project has come through 2016 being the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Somerset & Dorset Railway (who built Green Park Station and the route that is now the Two Tunnels path) and we will be involving people who live out along the old line in creating aspects of this show, and of some other events later in the summer along the route. We’ll be updating this website and our social media with more of this as it develops over the coming months.