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Kingsmead Square, Saw Close & Bath Street

Open in Google Maps , Bath


Sunday 4th June

Main House

Start time: 12:00
Price: Free

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Bedlam Fair - The Sunday

It’s the street theatre event of the year with dozens of performers from the emerging new ideas through to renowned companies at the top of their game, spilling around the streets in and around Kingsmead Square & Saw Close (roadways closed for the afternoon, no parking). See the Bedlam leaflet (available in the city nearer the time), or our website on the day of the event for further details.
Companies include: Dynamogene (France), Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band (India), Bongo Bolero (Bath), Natural Theatre Company, Avanti Display, Circomedia – and many more.
The event is free but please put money ‘in the hat’ if the performer is using one.
Full details download here: More info and booking...