EVENT CHANGES: Route; Sally-Anne Hayward; Thereby Hangs a Tale; Lightning Tree; Richard Riley; Live at Walcot Chapel

Sally-Anne Hayward
We got the date wrong on this show from popular superbitch comedian Sally-Anne (not to be confused with the religious sect of the same name).
It’s actually TUESDAY 29th, which is what it now says here online.
Get the skinny here.

Thereby Hangs A Tale
The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca & Malinche confused us when we were putting the print together, although again it has always been correct here online. It’s on at The Mission on Saturday 26th May, and the Theatre Bath Bus on Sunday June 3rd. More about the pieces here.

Something Theatre / the Lightning Tree. June 2, the Mission
This show has been CANCELLED, sorry – cast illness.
it has now been replaced in the slot by
Thereby Hangs A Tale in another show: Black Flags Red Capes
“Sometimes to build a new world, you have to burn the old one down. Being able to shoot flames from your fingertips helps with that.” What happens to society when some people develop extraordinary abilities? And what happens when those people start to riot?

Route by Marie Myrie

Richard Riley’s “I can’t tell you”
(Old Theatre Royal, June 7). CANCELLED.

Live Conversation Sun June 3
is now at the correct time of 3pm (15:00)
– And now there’s another spoken word art event too, on the same day at 12 noon & 2pm,
Live Voices