• Sunday 26th May
  • Thursday 6th June
  • That's Enough Drama presents

    Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

    Award-winning storytelling comedy about how to standup - and not be counted

    The shy, anxious jokewriter for a top British comedian accidentally crashes into the standup spotlight and decides to stay. Armed with paralysing fear, blind panic and jokes the comedian didn't buy, he sets out to prove just who's REALLY the talented one, and the rest, as they say, is history (except history is normally written by the winners).

    "Very funny, reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early-60s stand-up years" - Pioneer Press, Minneapolis, US

    "...beyond engaging into downright hypnosis. I loved every minute of it" - Art Murmurs, Wellington, NZ

    "He is doing something so unlike conventional storytelling or long-form stand-up comedy that he is dancing on the edge of a knife" - Apt613, Ottawa, CA

    Gerard Harris invites you to experience the vicarious thrill of telling jokes on stage to tens, hundreds, even thousands of people - and then back to tens again - without the sleepless nights and crippling self-doubt in this regrettably true story of fragile egos, low impulse control, immense distraction and the best worst comedy gig of all time.

    It's also about mental health, but what comedy isn't?

    Best Comedian: Buxton Fringe

    Best Solo Show: Nelson Fringe

    Best of Fest: Ottawa Fringe

    Best Comedy: Dunedin Fringe


    The show has been performed nearly 100 times from Off-Broadway New York to New Zealand, and here is more press about it:

    “a dizzying, exhilarating, headlong rush” - Pantograph Punch, Wellington NZ

    "a masterful story-teller” - Stage Whispers, Perth AU

    "If his second show hadn’t clashed with the next show on the list, I’d have been straight back to see it again" - Signifying Nothing, Buxton UK

    "a brilliant, engaging, dynamic and hilarious performer" - The Visitorium, Ottawa CA

    “engaging, hyperkinetic, intelligent yet self-effacing... a riveting entertainer” - Cult Montreal CA

    “great show, audience ate it up, the hour flew. Highly recommended” - Montreal Rampage CA

    Sunday 26th May
    The Mission Theatre
    Upstairs theatre

    Price: £8
    Start time: 6:00 pm
    Length: 60

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    Thursday 6th June
    The Mission Theatre
    Upstairs theatre

    Price: £8
    Start time: 8:00 pm
    Length: 60

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