• Tuesday 28th May
  • David Crowe: Boundaries

    A tale of humiliation and bliss

    Even after 27 years of stand-up comedy, I still have a handful of stories I’ve been too embarrassed to tell anyone. This is my attempt to turn some humiliation and regret into a powerful force for good. Far from being just another lurid shock humor piece disguised as introspection, Boundaries is couched as my hopes and concerns for my young daughter in a sincere - even desperate - desire to give her a few simple tools to prepare her for her own journey out into the world. It is an autobiographical 90 minutes that is simultaneously endearing, horrifying, cathartic and funny. It involves one Alaskan brown bear, an art teacher, the Soviet Union, an English dancer, an African ostrich, an Arab prince, an arrest, one old lady, India, a fight at Applebee’s restaurant, and the lingering question, “Is your heart healthy enough for sex?” Bath Fringe is its Festival world premiere.

    David Crowe is an American stand-up comedian. His delivery is a hybrid of jokes and long form story telling which has drawn comparisons to the likes of Billy Connolly and Robin Williams. He has won the Seattle and San Francisco Comedy Competitions and his comedy specials have appeared on Showtime, Comedy Central and most recently Dry Bar. Oh, and his mother is from Scunthorpe.

    Tuesday 28th May
    Widcombe Social Club

    Price: £10
    Start time: 8:00 pm

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