• Thursday 30th May
  • United Bath Visionaries

    Bath Film Night

    A selection of new & vintage films by local film-makers, hopefully with short introduction or Q&A with those film-makers present.

    Probably the première of new Bath film ‘Bladud’ - well we have as long as they’ve finished the edit. Failing that it will be an exclusive pre-release version! We loved the pre-shooting fundraiser, and we’re excited to see where it’ll end up. Good luck Jamie!

    We got the inspiration for a made-in-Bath film night last year when Ric Rawlins showed ‘Rewilding’, and we’re pleased to show our Walcot roots with his short documentary 'The Yellow Shop'.

    Ric introduced us to Cara Bamford and her affecting Bath written & crewed short ‘Talia’, with Kirris Riviere, whom we’ve always known was an actor as well as a blues singer, and here he proves it.

    Vicky Vatcher's 'Maybe' is a light comedy about a freshers' week make and break up, filmed at the YMCA and Devonshire tunnel.

    And finally, for those who haven't had enough we will end the evening with a showing of the legendary Nasher's best-known film, 'Gordon - The Movie', [55min approx.]

    Thursday 30th May
    Newark Works

    Price: Pay what you want
    Doors open: 7:00 pm
    Start time: 7:30 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible

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    With thanks to FaB and Arran for doing all the complicated stuff.