Bath Fringe 2019 runs from Friday May 24th to Sunday June 9th

The Bath Fringe is a festival of all the arts, with few rules as to what should be in or out – it’s what people want to do, and what venues in Bath want to put on. It all happens for 2 long weeks & 3 weekends (17 days or thereabouts) in early summer, in the beautiful city of Bath.

At this time of year, we don’t have a list of events to tell you about (that phase starts in April), but we do have information that will be useful to you – which bits will depend on who you are.

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Want to put a show into Fringe 2019?
You’ve still got plenty of time. Have a look at this page for a starter, and this page (new) has some suggestions and other links. There is also a page of information for potential Fringe venues here.

The 2018 programme has been taken down so as not to confuse anyone, but you can find lots of what we do just by searching “Bath Fringe” on your favourite search engine. There’s a great video of Bedlam Fair (street weekend) here, and an even shorter one if you really only have 23 seconds, here. If you’re signed onto our mailing list or facebook/twitter feeds, you’ll likely get to hear advance details about 2019 when there are any – which is always useful…

To find out more about Bath Fringe, look at this page, or about past festivals and our history, go here. There are archived programmes from recent years, that will show you the sort of thing we do (even at times when the year’s programme isn’t really current).

Of course this year’s is always the best ever!

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