• Friday 31st May
  • No but... Where are you really from?

    By Monique Eleanor

    I am woman, I am black, I am an immigrant. No, but... where are you really from?, first presented at Theatre Peckham as part of Peckham Fringe 2024 is an exploration of identity from someone examining who they are in a world that always leaves them out. This spoken work series explore’s race, womanhood and finding a home wherever you are.

    Home is a key theme explored throughout the poems, questioning if home is a place, a body or a feeling. Through the 7 Spoken word poems you are taken on a journey of grief and joy of living in a world that so often intends to break those from black and or marginalised backgrounds.

    A portion of our ticket sales will also go towards Mind UK.

    Written and performed by Monique Eleanor, and produced by Arabella Kennedy-Compston.

    Friday 31st May
    The Grapes
    Pocock's Living Room

    Price: £10
    Doors open: 7:00 pm
    Start time: 7:30 pm

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    There is no disabled access

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    Suitable for 12+.

    Trigger warning: themes of race, sexual assault, violence and grief.