• Sunday 26th May
  • The Wicky Wah Wahs

    The Wicky Wah Wahs are Nina Sawicka (vocals, guitar), and Henry Slim (harmonica, vocals).

    They sprung from the ground fully formed on a farm somewhere near rural Bristol in the Spring of 2011. A kindly old mushroom farmer discovered them & looked after as if they were his prodigal children. He gave them their musical instruments, and taught them English & how to sing & play. And 9 different ways of cooking/eating mushrooms.
After a few years, with a tear in his eye, he bade them farewell & sent them off to the city to make their fortune.

    Expect folk, country and blues standards and originals.

    Sunday 26th May
    The Grapes

    Price: Free
    Start time: 4:00 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible