• Saturday 1st June
  • Headmix

    Way way back in 1996 Headmix Collective were the rising new thing in what they were calling Dub-Diddley - big basslines with expertly handled British Folk instruments on top - not entirely pioneers but out there doing it. This led straight to the hearts of the sprawling Festival scene of the '90s and onward, they must have soundtracked more wild nights than any faery fiddler. A decade's silence in the noughties and the odd reunion in the 'teens didn't prepare expectations for a surprise new album in 2022: and the spirit is intact! But also still experimenting: the current round of shows introduce the Headmix Sound System: as well as full band songs, the beats will get bigger for the latter part of the set, and you will have a night to remember.

    Saturday 1st June
    The Bell
    Main bar

    Price: Free
    Start time: 9:00 pm

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