• Saturday 12th June
  • Sunday 22nd August
  • Curious Company presents

    The Dept of Complaints

    Let's Grumble!

    Curious Company presents The Dept of Complaints, a theatrical experiment that is part public consultation and part sit-com. From their street theatre roots with a flair for interaction and conversation The Dept of Complaints is an excuse for a good old gossip. The hosts, Dusty and Sandy, invite you to simply post your niggles, contribute to the town's grumble survey or take it further with form E1835b and if you're in need, they may offer a tailor made solution, such as having a Disco Moment.

    Our mission with The Dept is to listen. We treasure the truths we hear from our clients and know that the grumblers are the ones who care. The word on the street is our business and we love it.

    Our survey is designed to gather real data about what makes us grumble and will form the basis of the questions asked in our gameshow What's Your Grumble? to be presented this Autumn.

    You may have seen them on the street in Bath, now upgraded to bricks and mortar, drop in for a chat and a dose of skin thickening ointment on Saturday 12th June at 19 New Bond Street between 10-4pm.

    Saturday 12th June
    19 New Bond Street

    Price: Free
    Doors open: 10:00 am
    Start time: 10:00 am

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    Sunday 22nd August
    5 Broad Street

    Price: Free
    Doors open: 12:00 pm (midday)
    Start time: 1:00 pm

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