• Friday 7th June
  • A time-loop comedy show

    Dylan Dodds: GroundDodds Day

    Now in it's 1158th Day!

    Do you ever get Déjà vu?

    Dylan’s last show (“an innovative way to experience a quarter-life crisis” – the Wee Review) ended with him deciding to have children. Since then he’s been stuck in a time loop. Yes, exactly like that film. No, Bill Murray isn’t in this…

    If you’ve ever felt like nothing you can do will change things... This show is for you. If your thoughts go round like windmills, getting stuck down rabbit holes… This show is for you. If you enjoy copious amounts of repetition... You get the idea.

    Join Dylan in the loop and find out how he got stuck in the first place, and what really makes him tick, tick, tick, BOOM.

    Do you ever get Déjà vu?

    Friday 7th June
    Burdall's Yard

    Price: Pay What You Want on the Door (Unticketed)
    Doors open: 7:45 pm
    Start time: 8:00 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible

    Booking Options: • Tickets sold on door • Burdalls Yard