• Sunday 9th June
  • The Saint Melonians

    (Probably) Wales' number one acoustic comedy calypso/ska trio.

    Self-proclaimed Legends of Welsh Calypso, The Saint Melonians have taken audiences by storm since they began in 2021. This was not their aim, of course. They will assure that they are not in this for the fame, but rather to raise funds for an all-inclusive holiday in the Bahamas which remains forever out of reach, thanks to unscrupulous ex-lovers and the band's taste for Home Bargains' own brand rum.

    The Saint Melonians are a charming antidote to grey British life with their sweet three-part harmonies, Welsh charm, and irreverent re-workings of tropical pop classics. Comprising of three soulful singers and hopeless chancers, Count McCash, MC Square, and Barry Fella-Ponty (a big influence on Harry Belafonte), they cut their teeth busking on British high streets. It is here, replete with improvised, novelty instruments and inflatable palm trees where the band developed the improvised warmth and wit of seasoned street entertainers.

    Their whole carry-on may be totally ludicrous and old-hat. Their songs may not even be their own (despite what they say). But there is something about The Saint Melonians that has left audiences up and down the country grinning from ear to ear. Put in on the collection this afternoon so that they can finally finance this Bahamas trip and get out of your hair.

    Sunday 9th June
    The Bell
    Main bar

    Price: Free
    Doors open: 12:00 pm (midday)
    Start time: 1:00 pm

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