• Sunday 27th June
  • Bedlam Sunday - Walcot National Health Service Present:

    Analogue High Fidelity Stereo Sound

    Come and join in with some cycle-powered fun

    Ska Aerobics

    Acid House Therapy;

    Blimfield’s West Coast Jazz & Blues Review.

    Pink Milkfloat Letterpress Poster Printing Press workshops.

    We drive a pink solar-powered electric milkfloat around the country, with a vintage letterpress printing operation on the back.  Where the milk bottles used to go, we carry an original 'proofing' press and a collection of original woodblock poster fonts, offering participatory printing fun to children and adults of all ages.

    Our aim is to print posters that people will want to take home as souvenirs.  Once type has been set and 'locked in', Participants are invited to apply different coloured inks however they like, and 'pull' their own unique prints.

    We talk with organisers before starting, and the public during the event, to come up with texts that represent the occasion as best as possible. During the show we often make changes 'in real time', so participaints can help us modify the type before we print further posters.

    There is no charge for the posters, but donations are welcome and help cover our expenses.  We are motivated by a desire to keep the art of letterpress printing alive, and giving an insight into the process that dominated the printing industry for the last 500 years.

    The workshops are educational and entertaining for spectators and participants alike, and the resulting prints often treasured for years.

    Sunday 27th June
    Kingsmead Square

    Price: Free
    Start time: 1:00 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible