• Sunday 24th May
  • Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company presents:


    Flamenco charms all kinds of audiences, but it is also a very technical and intransigent art due to its complex rhythmic and visual language.

    In light of this, Lourdes Fernández and her Company present "Raíces", an heterogeneous interpretation of the art, drawing on but departing from, traditional flamenco in search of an eclectic style of music inspired by Folklore, Andalusian Copla, Jazz and other styles.

    During the show, the audience will enjoy carefully studied and rehearsed acts but the attentive spectator will be able to capture original moments of improvisation.

    Hence, the magic of Raíces... the inspiration that unfolds and dies... unique therefore unrepeatable... where each viewer can experience the performance through their most personal feelings

    Sunday 24th May
    The Edge, University of Bath

    Price: £15
    Doors open: 6:00 pm
    Start time: 6:30 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible

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