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Emma Louvelle Presents:

Red Shoes

Artist Emma Louvelle brings Hans Christian Anderson's 'Red Shoes' to life dancing her way around Bedlam propelled by her enchanted shoes.

Part of our New Work Works Scheme, supporting the development of new outdoor performance.

This event is part of the Bedlam Fair, this entry will be updated with the exact location and times within the next week or so.


Saturday 2nd June

Somer Valley Arts Day   

Price: Free
Start time: 11:00  
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Venue access: Wheelchair users will require assistance

Sunday 3rd June

Bedlam Fair: Kingsmead Square  

Price: Free
Start time: 14:00  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access

Bedlam Fair: Saw Close  

Price: Free
Start time: 16:30  
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Venue access: Full wheelchair access