• Tuesday 28th May
  • Souvenir. Sorry, event CANCELLED

    A mother’s grief: an absurd conspiracy

    Audrey struggles to come to terms with the loss of her daughter, killed in a terrorist airplane bombing. The father of another victim believes there was a conspiracy to let their loved ones die.

    The story takes an absurd twist when a deranged navel Captain and a contemptuous world leader reveal their plans.

    Will anyone face justice? And who’s memories will be remembered, the ragged scrapbook of an ageing mother, or the statues, feature films and news stories generated by a World Leader?

    It is believed that the bombing of Pan Am 103, the American airliner brought down over Lockerbie, was a response to the bombing of Iran Air Flight 655 by the American war ship, the USS Vincennes. Conspiracies grew when it was discovered that certain people were warned not to fly, while others were allowed to die. A final insult to the dead was when the man convicted of the bombing was set free. The question is, why?

    Sorry, this performance is cancelled

    Tuesday 28th May
    Burdall's Yard

    Price: £10
    Doors open: 7:00 pm
    Start time: 7:30 pm

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    SOUVENIR was written by PJ Vickers who won Best New Writing for ZAV, Buxton Fringe 2022, and Best Spoken Word for OSCAR WILDE FAIRYTALES, Upton Fringe 2023.

    SOUVENIR features lead actor, Elizabeth Rowen.

    The show had its first performances in Barnstaple and Exeter, January 2024.