New Work Works 2020

The performance phase

If you’ve just seen some performers on SawClose / Kingsmead on the afternoon of Saturday October 10th, then…

Bobby Tromple and the Moddywomple
Join Bobby Tromple as he sets off on a Coddywomple to find the Moddywomple! Scientist, genius and inventor extraordinaire, Bobby Tromple is proud to announce to the people of Bath his most prized invention yet: The Moddywomple. A mechanical golden bird which sings the most beautiful song ever sung. The problem is he wound its gears up so tight it flew away and hasn’t been seen since!

The Newspaper Man
Lost in the world of headlines, bylines, and newsprint for a long, long time, he is now discovering the beautiful world right in front of his eyes.

SUSSAN the robot
SUSSAN the Robot is here to save humanity, bringing wonder and joy to the world. Sentient, hilarious and inquisitive, SUSSAN wants to help the people see a lighter side of life. The robot we imagined in the 80’s: clunky but very, very clever.

The Shy Mice
These walkabout mice maybe shy but they are a lot of fun and would love to play with you. They are looked after by Molly Dimple the Park Ranger (and mouse keeper) who discovered them hidden amongst the flowers and fauna that they made their home.

Two witches, working in the gig economy, will be delivering spells, charms and hexes directly to YOU! Presented by Fun in the Oven: playful, interactive street theatre combining clowning, ritual, cycling & magic.

The Department of Complaints
The Department will be taking a survey of Bath’s current grumbles, which will form the basis of their upcoming gameshow- ‘What’s Your Grumble’. We are inviting the good people of Bath to share, air and post their grumbles, and if the need arises, take it further. No grumble too big or too small for the Dept of Complaints.

The stalwart office cleaner at the Department of Complaints does her very best to ensure that the flip charts are buffed regularly, false eyelashes are removed from the pending tray and that what goes on behind the stationery cupboard stays behind the stationery cupboard.

The Shy Mice
Robot & Friends

Massive thanks to:
Netty Miles – event manager
Gwen Hales – mentoring programme
Paschale Straiton & Amy Rose – mentors
Komedia – green room provision
Arts Council England
Streats Ltd.
Our Volunteer Stewards
The Bristol Coddywomp, where some of these ideas and procedures were piloted
B&NES Council, Events & Film Offices

It’s always been part of the set-up with outdoor interactive arts that, festival or no, a number of the people who you encounter aren’t going to be expecting you: and at the heart of the art you can have as much fun with them, and they with you, as those who were clued in enough to be there on purpose. Looking at films from the 1970s festivals, many of the gems were when some quite hardcore Performance Artists met people just out for a walk or a shop who would never have darkened the doors of the ICA or even Walcot Village Hall. From that it’s only a small step to doing it without warning entirely – and to fit with the current big idea of discouraging too much gathering and mixing, without trashing the impromptu energy, we thought it the right thing to do just to do it, now, without telling any of you in advance (except the Responsible Authorities, natch).
We’re sorry if you missed it, but we’re confident that those who came upon it by chance had a good experience that they weren’t expecting: and that, my friends, is one of the Gifts of Art and we’re glad that we can still provide that.