Online Content 2020

Over the coming weeks we’ll be revealing some of the work that has been sent to use by Fringe artists past and present.

Check back again soon to see what hidden gems we have for you.

Brian Madigan – Think of a Song

When we go to a show or concert, what are our expectations? To what extent do we, the audience, create the performance? How does the space affect us? How do other audience members impact on our experience? ‘Think of a Song’ sets out to explore these and other questions in a unique, collective, experimental-theatre experience.

Brian Madigan – Think Of A Song

Narco Lounge Combo

Often little more than a murky rumour in the backrooms of backstreet pubs, NLC bundle soundtrack styles, retro chrome and literary-weight lyrics with a suspect attitude and an aversion to daylight. Put their artifacts under the microscope and the hand of some twisted intelligence is revealed. Should we be worried? Handle with care, circumspection and the approved social distancing.

Bill Smarme in Lockdown

Bill Smarme was due to perform at Bill’s Back Bar at the Bell Inn on Friday 29 May. Instead he has produced this lock-down video.

Geoff Robb

Though nowadays resident in our twin city of Brighton (& Hove) Geoff has strong roots in the Bath area. Your correspondent fondly remembers him regularly playing solo classical guitar in the wildest of Open Mic sessions, and getting the audience to listen too. His solo guitar music, with classic Celtic and Spanish influences, has graced at least two Fringes and we hope more to come!

King Street Turnaround

Wiltshire lad Jon Amor shot to national attention as a youngster playing classic electric blues guitar with The Hoax in the ‘90s, but groups that grew up together don’t necessarily last and Jon hasn’t always retained form and popularity with more recent lineups. This could easily be the one, though: all renowned players in different name Bristol outfits (is the King St. a reference to The Old Duke?) putting some wider & darker influences into the pot, topped with electric guitar of unimpeachable quality.

Komedia Bath Fundraiser

Kilter Theatre & A Word in Your Ear – Story Friday