• Saturday 1st June
  • Brainfruit presents

    Bear North

    Northern Exposure meets The Singing Ringing Tree

    Conceived in a dream, Bear North is a utopian vision about bears and beavers, buffalos and wolves. An other-worldly show that is whimsical, comic and at times very moving. It emerged from a song, the simplest song about fish, jumping, flying and dancing. This was followed by another - this time, about being trapped in a cave with a bear, ‘What are you gonna do about the bear in the cave?’

    Like all of Brainfruit’s previous shows (winners of the Best Ensemble at the Wellington Fringe 2017 for 'Poetry Can F*ck Off - which played at The Rondo to a full house in 2016), the result is unclassifiable – crossing genres... and is great fun.

    At the heart of the piece there is singing and dancing. A Singing Bear is magnificently realised by prop maker Jackie Edgar, along with Bear's playmates, the Dancing Wolf and Buffalo. The creation of the show was gradual, responding to more dreams, thoughts and feelings. Soon, a fictitious town emerged, Deep Water Point, population 794, and here, in the heart of Canada's Northwest Territories, we meet all of the wonderful characters that inhabit this very special place.

    A run at the Brighton Fringe confirmed that this show had legs, or rather paws, and then the research and development (festival- field work) established that there was another home for this piece - on the street, playing to everyone - and this is where the show gained traction, confirming that the show resonates for all. The full theatre show allows you to get fully immersed... see reviews below.

    The dancers bring their skills to the floor, dancing to the infectious music and giving their interpretation of the kinetic world of Bear, Wolf and Buffalo. Sue Bradley on violin, creates infectious riffs that gives breath to the landscape. Guitar and bass and vocal harmonies fill out the terrain as we journey through a world filled with log cabins, forests, mountains & magical waterfalls.

    ‘To enjoy Bear North to the full, it's best not to think too hard about any of this. The bear likes to dance; it just does. Let's just embrace the surrealism and get on with the show... Over time I found my mind was gently carried to a place of freshness and tranquillity. When the singers asked me to breathe the forest air, I really did take lungful’s in. By the time the hour was up, I'd accepted the bear as a fully-fledged character – a character, in fact, that I was rather fond of. In the end then, the tables were turned: it was me who danced to Bear North's tune.’ **** Fringeguru

    ‘This has been created by multi-award winning comedian and director Roy Hutchins. The show deepens, it creates its momentum. It has a very improvisational feel – meaning each show is different. Hutchins asks for suggestions from the audience – they’re a game crowd and supply them unstintingly... genuinely interactive....’ Highly Recommended Fringereview.com

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    Saturday 1st June
    Rondo Theatre

    Price: £10
    Doors open: 7:00 pm
    Start time: 8:00 pm
    Length: 90 mins with 20 minute interval

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