Friday 23rd May – Sunday 8th June 2014

Welcome to Bath Fringe Festival

Bath Fringe is a festival of all the artforms that anyone wants to put into the mix. It takes place for 17 days or thereabouts in the early summer in the beautiful city of Bath, with the collaboration of many of its beautiful & talented population.

Bath Fringe 2014 runs from Friday May 23 to Sunday June 8, (and a few days either side) You can find out what's on by clicking on 'events' and using the search if you know what or whom you want, or just hitting 'all'. That's the best way because then you find things you didn't know about already.

Though there are venue and event programmers working on the festival there is no one over-riding personal vision beyond trying to take on board what everyone wants to do. That to us is part of the ethos of Fringe, and something we share with the other long-established British Fringes, Edinburgh, Brighton & so on. We don't bring specialists in from out of town to tell us what to like (though anyone from anywhere is welcome to try and put an event on, and some do); most programming is by Bath venues, local promoters, or by the artists theselves. That tends to mean that everything in this programme is there because somebody about the place is really enthusiastic about it, and we're sure that's a good thing.

There are also quite a lot of Bath artists and performers involved, we've always been blown away by the quality of work produced in this city, and the people who find their way here in and out of the festival. In, from, by and with Bath & Bath people: obviously a high proportion of the audience are local-ish too, but we also get visitors from all round the world, either because they are in Bath anyway (it's quite the tourist destination, if you don't know the place) or those who come specially for the festival or one of the events.

For details of the FAB Fringe Visual Arts events you're on the wrong website but there's a link to it on the menu above or head for

Sign onto our emailing list, or join us on Facebook or Twitter, for alerts, insider info, gossip and other things that take our fancy and might tickle yours. If you want to volunteer to help Bath Fringe, or if you want to donate to help us keep the festival going, go to the Contact page.

The 'About the Fringe' menu has some fairly comprehensive background detail on the Festival and the organisation that facilitates it. If you want to know more about the Fringe in general, peruse the menus above and below, or dip around under History. There are archived programmes from recent years, that will show you the sort of thing we do.

Of course this year's is always the best ever!

Stop Press:

Fringe 2015
Bath Fringe 2015 will run from
Friday May 22 to Sunday June 7
See you then!
We keep this year's programme up for a while to show you what we're like (and what you missed)...

How to star in Fringe 2015
Fringe 2015 Open Meeting
Wednesday, 14 January 2015, 6pm
Burdall's Yard
(7A Anglo Terrace, BA1 5NH)

Want to be in Fringe 2015? Here's your chance to come and talk about it!
Our annual Open Meeting is where people with shows meet people with ideas for shows meet people with venues meet people who want to help meet the Fringe Committee - and out of it all, a festival starts to be born!
it's a great place to chat about possibilities, find out how the Fringe works and how absurdly simple (and, compared to other Fringes, how CHEAP) it all is. The Fringe committee have been doing this sort of thing for a while, so if you have questions, the hope is that we will have answers.
We will be able to go through the details of how to put your show / event / performance in the Fringe, but if you can't make it, NEVER FEAR, all the same information is also available with all your questions answered (probably) on this very website, extra hard brain-teasers to,
This isn't our annual volunteer meeting, that's later in the year, tho' of course volunteers are welcome to come and join in the conversations or listen.

If you have a visual arts proposal or anything else that would fit better in the FAB Fringe arts Bath programme (it runs at the same time), you ought to go look at their website - - pronto, because they have a quite different submission process, application dates etc. It's all explained there, and it's all happening NOW too.

Carl's video (above)
Made by Carl Godfrey our talented cover artist.
Soundtrack from a version of 1963 classic 'Wipeout' by Bristol surf/space combo The Rumble-O's. Hear more from them here

More Pictures! More videos!
Great pictures of Bedlam by the Bath Photo Walk here.
Full length combined Bedlam weekend video by Sarah Mallabar here.

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