Friday May 22nd to Sunday June 7th 2015

Welcome to Bath Fringe Festival 2015

The Bath Fringe is a festival of all the arts, with no rules as to what should be in or out – you just need to be able to get it to a point and to a place to be shown. It all happens for 2 long weeks & 3 weekends (17 days or thereabouts) in early summer, in the beautiful city of Bath.

Bath Fringe 2015 runs from Friday May 22 to Sunday June 7 (and probably a few days either side). This year’s programme will be available here in April. If you’re signed onto our mailing list or facebook/twitter feeds, you’ll probably get to hear when (if we’re not drowned out by adverts in the latter cases).

Though there are venue and event programmers working on the festival, there is no one over-riding vision beyond trying to take on board what everyone wants to do. That to us is part of the ethos of Fringe, something we share with the other long-established British Fringes, Edinburgh, Brighton & so on. We don't bring specialists in from out of town to tell us what to like (though anyone from anywhere is welcome to try and put an event on, and many do); most programming is by Bath venues, local promoters, or by the artists themselves. That tends to mean that everything in this programme is there because somebody around the place is really enthusiastic about it, and we're sure that's a good thing. The artists have also had to work to get this far: the festival is not paid for out of council tax, lottery money, deep corporate pockets or sage benefactors (tho’ we do have a little from all of those): the shows are financed by artists and venues and ultimately your ticket money or trade. This art needs your personal investment; this website is here to introduce you all to each other.

Elegant Bath is a treasure-house of talent and culture, due in no small measure to its antiquity, its spells as spiritual capital of the island, and the fabled musicians, writers, scientists, actors, and artists of its 18th century. You will encounter their heirs throughout the festival, they and the visitors who love the city and its audiences (this means you). We are confident, whether you came here especially for the festival, just happen to be here (we do get a lot of visitors!), or live here or near, that you will find something to your taste, something to surprise you, and something to take you further.

For details of the FAB Fringe Visual Arts events you're on the wrong website but there's a link to it on the menu above or head for

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The 'About the Fringe' menu has some fairly comprehensive background detail on the Festival and the organisation that facilitates it. If you want to know more about the Fringe in general, peruse the menus above and below, or dip around under History. There are archived programmes from recent years, that will show you the sort of thing we do.

Of course this year's is always the best ever!

Stop Press:

Fringe 2015
Here we go!
Most of the programme is here on this site, use the search menu item or click on the magnifying glass above. We'll be adding new things to the site as we go: if we add events, we'll tell you here in STOP PRESS too (and on Facebook etc.)

Two new ones and a cancellation
The FLQ are disappointed to report the cancellation of their show. This is due to a bereavement.
In contrast, we have TWO new shows for you: Freedom from Torture's creative writing group Write to Life return to Bath with a new multi-media performance:An A-Z of Poverty
In further contrast is Foolsize Theatre's one woman impro show Women Who W*nk. No we don't know what it's about.

We might have a new animation for you soon, but for the moment it's still worth remembering last year's cracking artwork too, through its animation by the artist hisself, CARL GODFREY